Do you have problems with the cleanliness of the packaging?

  • Are you solving problems related to the cleanliness of the packaging?
  • Do you meet the basic quality conditions for the field of packaging management? 
  • Do you check and measure the quality of packaging cleanliness? 
  • How do you set up a quality management system? 
  • Are you looking for a reliable partner for cooperation ?

Ecological washing of packaging

  • Ecological washing of packaging
  • Sorting of packaging by contamination: dust, mineral grease, machining chips/waste
  • Packaging records
  • Possibility to organize transport from/to the customer
  • Ecological disposal of damaged packaging
  • Manual packaging cleaning: wet and dry
  • Washing of your returnable packaging up to maximum size of 1200 x 800 x 960 mm
  • Sorting and assembling production packaging according to your requirements
  • Transport of packaging and products
  • Storage of cleaned packaging

We can protect you from: 

  • Contamination of your products in the production process, from contamination from external sources brought on the packaging
  • Complaints due to contamination of your products from packaging
  • Penalties for delivery of nonconforming products due to contamination
  • Rising costs for product complaints
  • Increased discrepancies in the production process due to non-compliance with purity criteria