What do we offer you?

  • Modern warehouses
  • State-of-the-art handling technology
  • High cleanliness, safety and reliability
  • Dispatch on behalf of the client
  • Grouping and division of shipments
  • Additional service: sorting, labeling, inspection
  • Delivery of goods to the consignee
  • Management of packaging
  • Process optimization = costs optimization
  • The possibility of providing a customs warehouse and a customs clearance
  • Purchase of pallets
  • Just-in -Sequence (JIS) refers to a type of delivery in procurement logistics in which the required goods  are delivered to the right place, at the right time, quantity, type and are processed immediately. This is an extension of the Just-in-time service. Just-in-Sequence is not only  about timely delivery of goods in the right quantity, but also delivery in the order in which it can be processed directly. With regard to packaging, the supplier must ensure that the product is packed in the correct order.