Our company has a quality team of employees with many years of experience in transport planning and transport tasks for the benefit  of our partners.

  • We will provide you with single shipment transport  and also regular shipment transport
  • We will provide you full truck shipments, as well as  piece shipments
  • We implement intercompany shipments
  • We also offer  refrigerated vehicles 
  • We operatively address the requirements of you, our customers.
  • We continuously inform you about the movements of the shipment and the time of unloading.
  • We provide our own technical services in the case of an emergency. 
  • We provide quick intervention by technicians under warranty service 
  • Just-in-Sequence (JIS) refers to a type of delivery in procurement logistics in which the required goods  are delivered to the right place, at the right time, quantity, type and are processed immediately. This is an extension of the Just-in-time service. Just-in-Sequence is not only  about timely delivery of goods in the right quantity, but also delivery in the order in which it can be processed directly. With regard to packaging, the supplier must ensure that the product is packed in the correct order.
  • We ship to countries: 
    Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania.


The high quality of professional services is ensured  by our modern fleet of more than 100 truck sets. All are in EURO VI emission class with GPS monitoring and integrated scanning. 

Our MEGA type semi-trailers (volume 100 m3/ max. 34 euro pallets/carrying capacity 24t. / internal dimensions 13.62 m x 2.48 m x 3.00 m), can be loaded from the back, on both sides, and from above. In addition, the semi-trailers are CODE XL certified with the possibility of transporting steel coils.

We also have refrigerated semi-trailers with a double floor  (66 euro pallets) for the transport of goods with a regulated temperature from -30 ° C to +50 ° C.

Compliance with the laws of the Slovak Republic and the EU guarantees the smooth flow of all domestic and international transport services. As part of safety regulations, our vehicles are covered by CMR international insurance for damage during domestic transport and international transport in the amount of 600 000 EUR.

If the capacity of our own vehicles is not sufficient for you, we can offer you additional transport options with our contracted transport companies. Our company holds the EN ISO 9001: 2015 TÜV certificate in the field  of domestic and international transport, freight forwarding and logistics.


  • Our curtain semi-trailers – max. 34 euro pallets, with a payload of 24 tons  and a volume of 100m3 , with a loading area of 13620 mm x 2480 mm, with a folding roof and a 3-sided folding tarpaulin without side panels.
  • Refrigerated trucks – max 66 euro pallets with double floor, with an operating weight of 9 t., which allows to dispose a payload of 22t., volume of 83m3.
  • The big advantage is  that there is no need to fasten and secure the cargo in the usual way, as some of our curtain semi-trailers are equipped with a Cargo Security Certificate – CODE XL.
  • Refrigerated semi-trailers  are categorized as single-chamber with the possibility of double floors. Dimensions are:

    width: 245 cm
    height: 260 cm
    lenght: 1330 cm
    length with folded construction on the front: 1310 cm


Our vehicles have GPS modules of the latest technology to ensure their current location. 

As one of the few companies in Slovakia, we have equipped our vehicles with SCANNER - our drivers are able to send CMR directly to you during the unloading  for further processing.